Usage Terms

It is my philosophy that art is meant to be enjoyed and shared. With this basis, I try to balance the cost and time it takes to create each image with my love of sharing and inspiring others through my work.

Feel free to use images (with proper attribution and links) for school projects, educational presentations and blog posts. View examples of situations needing direct licensing below.

All images are © protected.

Attribution: Attribution in above instances should be made to Doyle Thomas and along with (as caption or otherwise) the image.

Non-Commercial: The image must not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances. This includes both for-profit and non-profit companies. As a general rule of thumb, if an image is being used to drive people to a business, it’s only fair that the creator of the image be compensated.

Licensing Required For (Examples):

  • A marketing campaign for a commercial or non-profit entity, business, restaurant, etc.
  • A fund-raising campaign
  • A background image for a website
  • Phone books, promo material, visitor’s guides, etc.
  • Prints for use in a private home, office or public place

Fees vary upon the following circumstances:

  • Media, Distribution, Prominence of Display, Length of Use

If you have any questions or aren’t sure about something, feel free to ask! Also, if you do use something or license something, feel free to share a link! All licensing requests should be sent to:


Here’s a helpful post on Why Photographers Can’t Work For Free. I get these sort of requests a lot, and the above link is a great place for you to understand this from a photographer’s prospective.